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What Fire Service Chaplains Do
Fire service chaplains may perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Counsel firefighters and EMS personnel
  • Counsel other fire department members
  • Counsel family members of firefighters and other department personnel
  • Visit sick and injured firefighters and department members at home and in the hospital
  • Make death notifications
  • Provide assistance to victims of crisis situations
  • Teach fire department personnel in areas such as stress management, ethics, family life, and victim response
  • Serve as part of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team
  • Assist at the emergency scene
  • Serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community
  • Provide for the spiritual needs of department members and their families
  • Offer prayers at special occasions such as recruit graduations and award ceremonies
  • Provide a listening ear
  • Coordinate and provide family services in the event of the serious injury or death of a firefighter or department member

Serve as a ready resource for the fire chief