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Chaplain To The Chaplain: As part of our mission of taking care of our chaplains, we have several chaplains who are well trained and are ready to serve you as Chaplain to the Chaplain. As Chaplains, know that someone has your six. Please contact Chaplain Paul Russell or Chaplain Ron Biegler.

President: Brad Noonan
Fr. Brad Noonan currently serves as a Chaplain to the Castle Rock Fire Department. He is also a auxiliary Chaplain to the Colorado Springs Fire Department where he has served since August 1999. After completing five units of CPE he was certified as a Chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. He has attended FFC training, as well as CISM training. Fr. Brad, for the past ten years, has climbed the Denver Stair Climb on September 11th along with 343 Firefighters to commemorate tragic loss on that day.

He has attended FFC Training, CISM Training and Peer Support Team Training.

1st. Vice President and Treasurer: Gary Meadows

Gary Meadows pastors The Sanctuary at Fort Morgan Colorado and is a "rookie" firefighter and chaplain for Fort Morgan Volunteer Fire Department. Before that he was with the New Raymer-Stoneham Fire Protection District for 13 years and served as captain and senior chaplain. He has served the CFCA for two years as Secretary/ Treasurer and currently as Treasurer. He is a member of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, the Critical Incident Stress Foundation and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He served with the United States Navy for 6 years.

2nd. Vice President: Gay Williams

Gay Williams recently celebrated her tenth year of service as Chaplain with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. She currently serves as the President of the Colorado Springs Chaplains Corp. Gay is currently working on her Doctoral Thesis from the Gateway Seminary and is a licensed counselor. Gay displays a wealth of organizational skills, is a great listener and has been on a number of mission trips with her church.

Secretary: Suzanne E Carpenter RN

Suzanne is the Secretary of the Colorado Fire Chaplains Association and is married to Mike Carpenter, who recently retired as our Second Vice President… They are privileged to serve as Fire Chaplains for West Metro Fire Rescue under the great guidance of Chaplain Paul Russell. Mike completed his FFC training and has worked with Emergency Services Ministries since 2013. Mike serves as a pastor for a church in Littleton, Colorado and is Ecclesiastical Endorsed as a Fire Chaplain though his denomination. Mike's work experience is varied. He was a member of San Diego Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue Team, and served as a firefighter for two volunteer fire departments. He is a past member of the Jeffco Mounted Search and Rescue Team and currently serves on the Steering committee for West Metro Fire Rescue Foundation. Mike and Suzanne are members of the Federation of Christian Fire Fighters.Suzanne is an RN and has worked under Paul's guidance for several years and has been invaluable in her response and compassion to some tragic calls with WMFR. Her last full time position was with the Medical Team at the Jeffco Jail in Golden, CO. Mike and Suzanne are a team. They are always working for the needs of each man and woman within the fire service. With the help of the District 1 and 2 Chiefs they completed visits to all 3 shifts of the 15 stations of the WMFR. Paul, Mike, and Suzanne want to be a visible presence in the lives of these firefighters.

Training officer: Paul Russell

Paul is the co-founder (in November 2000 and May2001) and Chief Chaplain of Emergency Services Ministries (ESM), a resource to several fire and law enforcement agencies. He is also one of the founders of CFCA, and has over 29 years within the fire service. Paul has served as a firefighter, fire safety/public educator, fire prevention officer, and deputy fire marshal. He has attended the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Academy and the National Fire Academy's fire/arson training. Additional training includes interpersonal skills, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, CISM, EMDR, basic fire chaplain certification and fire families training through the Federation of Fire Chaplains, and NFF taking care of our own—preparing for LODD.

Director of Membership: Mike Collins